Traducciones juradas oficiales
Sworn translations

Sworn translator in Palamós, Calonge, Playa de Aro, Palafrugell, Gerona, Santa Cristina de Aro, La Bisbal

We serve both in Spain and abroad.

Quality, speed, ease and reasonable rates.
Sworn translations from and to Spanish, English, French, Romanian, Russian, German, Italian, and many more.

All our sworn translators have been appointed by the Spanish Ministry of External Affairs and are valid around the world.

No need to move. Where ever you may be, just scan the document and forward it to us via email or any document transfer method for a quote and date of delivery. Once the document has been translated, you can choose to pick it up or receive it by messenger service.

If you are in Spain and need to return home before the translation is completed, we will deliver the document to any address you specify in Spain (notary public, bank, government agency, etc) at no extra charge and forward you a scanned copy for your records.

You are abroad but need to have a document translated and forwarded (to a notary public, bank, government agency, etc)? Just send it to us, we will translate it and forward the document to the required destination. Of course you will receive a scanned copy for your records.

No need to send your originals. Just scan  your documents ensuring not to omit any pages or parts of the text and that the scanned document is perfectly legible.

  • Certificates and Academic Records
  • Police records
  • Entries of birth and death
  • Tax returns
  • Marriage certificates
  • Sales/Purchase and Rental Agreements
  • Employment contracts
  • Last wills and testaments